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Contest prize winners flew to London, went on a sightseeing tour and came back!

Contest prize winners flew to London, went on a sightseeing tour and came back! bg-image

The charges of the ”Common Challenges” Erbud Foundation explored London between 6 -15 August 2022!
The excursion was a prize in the "Dreams" Contest, which involved a speech recording in English in which the charges talk about their plans, dreams and how to make them come true.
The children put a tremendous amount of hard work into the contest and showed great commitment. All the winners undoubtedly deserved a trip to London.
The excursion, new places and stories were fascinating for the kids. Read yourself to learn what their impressions are:
"My happy trip to London was one of the most wonderful moments in my life. I was able to visit and learn about a beautiful country and its culture and improve my language skills.
In addition to visiting the wonderful famous places of the country, I visited the Harry Potter Museum and also met new people who were united by a common language.
I learned to look at this country in a different way, in other words my dreams came true."
Angelica - 15 years old, Sochaczew

"What I liked the most about London was that I met new people, and with some of them I made real friends.
While in London I ate out at various interesting restaurants and visited sights that I used to see only on the Web.
I also liked English classes, which were different every day, and I had an opportunity to improve my language skills.
The Harry Potter Museum , where we had an opportunity to act as models for photos taken by a professional photographer also impressed me a great deal."
Claudia- 14 years old, Elbląg

"I really like Big Ben, which was renovated on New Year's Eve 2021.
The buildings, streets are beautiful and food is delicious.
We have a wonderful staff members, thanks to them I learned new information about London.
As for transportation, it's easy to get anywhere you want and there are very frequent journeys made by all kinds of transport.
The Buckingham Palace where Queen Elizabeth II lives is huge. I liked the visit at Harry Potter Museum, where there is a big store of things and a lot of interesting sights."
Violleta - 16 years old, Elbląg

We would like to thank our wonderful volunteers for their help in selecting the contest winners and thank our donors :
Vantage Development, Alfa Brokers Sp. z o. o and Trops S.A. for donating to help finalize the dream excursion!




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