The Foundation was established to attain the following goals:

  1. To help children and young people when they are in financial dire straits and have major family problems,
  2. To help people in difficult life situations who are on the brink of adult life, to help children and young people with special talents who are in difficult life situations,
  3. To provide assistance to educational, child-rearing and child-care facilities,
  4. To undertake and support educational activities among people who find it hard to access education.
The Foundation was established to attain the following goals:
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The Foundation tries
to attain its goals through:

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  • organizing free-of-charge training sessions about the Foundation's scope of activities,
  • assistance with vocational training,
  • assistance with job search,
  • assistance with flat search,
  • assistance with qualification upgrading,
  • the purchase of items that are essential equipment for learners,
  • purchase of food, hygiene products, clothing and other items to meet daily necessities of life,
  • funding of participation in excursions and summer camps,
  • preparation of persons willing to become mentors to properly perform this task;
  • psychological support,
  • assist foster care and educational facilities in the performance of construction, renovation and upgrading activities,
  • running of training and information campaigns,
  • organizing and financing sport, recreational and cultural events,
  • organizing and financing charity events,
  • providing children and young people with mentor's care, i.e. a person who supports the mentee in making choices, helping him/her to make important life decisions, as well as acquiring the necessary financial support,
  • cooperation with local and governmental authorities and non-governmental organizations in the areas mentioned in the objectives of the Foundation's activities,
  • implementation of an empowerment programme that involves assistance in organizing daily life, planning household budgets, and providing and supervising a training apartment,
  • financial and material assistance,
  • purchasing of equipment for educational, pedagogical and childcare institutions that support children's development, including: computers, books, sports equipment,
  • purchasing for gifted individuals of equipment necessary for the development of their talent,
  • funding of scholarships,
  • financing specialized treatment.
Foundation statute "ERBUD Wspólne Wyzwania"download