Children’s homes

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Co-operation with Children’s Homes

Rules of establishing co-operation:

In order to start cooperation with the ERBUD Foundation it is necessary to submit an application by e-mail. Successful application depends on the number of Mentors living in the vicinity of the proposed facility. After the application has been accepted, the verification process takes place, during which the person responsible for the project coordination comes to the facility to discuss the details of further cooperation. It is then necessary for the youth to fill in a questionnaire, thanks to which the Foundation will have an opportunity to get to know and gather basic information about the mentees.

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The basis of the project's success is the positive attitude of the persons getting independent as well as their care givers and personnel of the facility. We are committed to helping people who want to enter independent life with the necessary skills and resources. We want to help your mentees gain knowledge and skills through their participation in courses to improve professional qualifications, such as language courses or driving license course, which will increase their value in the labour market. We offer assistance depending on the difficulties your mentees might have.

We believe that nothing is impossible, you can achieve anything you desire. Sometimes you just need a helping hand and it is this hand that we would like to extend to your Mentees.

Application for establishing cooperation

Below you will find the Application for establishing cooperation with ERBUD “Common Challenges” Foundation within the framework of the TOGETHER Programme.

In order to establish cooperation please send the completed application to the following address: