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The Foundation is implementing its proprietary Programme called “Recipe for Success”. The initiative is carried out in two ways. It involves both the educators and the mentees in children's homes. The mentees participating in the Program acquire skills needed in their independent lives and their educators learn how to support and motivate effectively young people so that they could become independent. In this way we help not only the currently independent but also other children growing up in the children’s home to become independent.


The Programme provides for:

12 x 5-hour
training sessions combined
with workshop
Individual psychological support
to the Mentees

"Recipe for Success" Programme
The Mentees start participation by attending an integration workshop aimed at developing a sense of security, mutual trust and openness to cooperation. This gradual entry into the Programme enhances psychological competence in the communication area. An important phase is also participation in creativity and creativity training.

The program consists of 12 training and workshop
sessions for tutors. Each session lasts 5 hours
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The assumption of the Programme in the part concerning mentees is to provide practical techniques for enhancing motivation, commitment and persistence in setting personal goals.

The Programme ends with a project task (individual or group) developed by the group and carried out in cooperation with the Foundation.

The workshop group of the Mentees consists
of 15 persons aged 14 – 19.


The Programme aims to raise the psychological and professional competence of Mentors so that they can support and motivate their mentees in setting and achieving personal goals, and thus constructively support their development.

The Mentors start their work from the ability to diagnose the resources and limitations of their mentees and design individual work plans. They upgrade their competences in active listening skills and in helping children cope with their own emotions. Additionally, they enhance their awareness of their own emotions and limitations in everyday work with mentees.

Agnieszka Tkaczyk
Agnieszka Tkaczyk

Programme Director, psychologist, counselling psychologist, author and one of the workshop leaders under the Recipe for Success Programme