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A Holiday Trip to Bulgaria!

A Holiday Trip to Bulgaria! bg-image

17 August 2023 is the date of departure of our mentees on a ten-day holiday trip to Bulgaria. Fifteen participants of the Mathematics Contest titled "MathWORKS", were the winners ranked in TOP15. The main prize is a trip to picturesque Bulgaria, full of attractions and wonderful experiences. As a reminder, the Contest involved finding a practical application of mathematics in everyday life and presenting one's idea as a project in the Power Point presentation. The submitted entries made an impression due to their high standard, commitment and ingenuity of all participants. Congratulations once again! Our long-standing donors, Alfa Brokers, made a contribution to our initiative.

In addition to the grand prize involving a holiday trip, the winners also received additional funds for attractions and enjoyment during their stay in Bulgaria.

Thank you ūüíô

Alfa Brokers


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