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Fitness Trail

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The sixth and last task in the "Resilient Internet Users" Competition is behind us. This time the participants had to create their own fitness trails using the advantages of the building where they live and the existing facilities surrounding it. Apart from proposing exercises and places to do them, the teams were supposed to draw up instructions that could be expressed as drawings, narrative or verbal instructions.

The teams were asked to develop instructions, which could have taken the form of drawing boards, text or verbal instructions. Very creative fitness trails were developed - with different variants of push-ups, jumping over stumps and logs, crawling under benches, running around the house, riding bicycles and roller skates or playing over the gate with water-filled balloons. The "Robkonsiki" Team won the sixth task in our Competition. Well done! Congratulations!

Below we present examples of exercises from the fitness trail prepared by the "Young Wolves" team.


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