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"Resilient Online Users" Competition has been launched!


We started! On the onset of March, a new project of the Foundation was launched - the "Resilient Internet Users" Competition. 12 teams representing 5 children's homes will compete for the first place performing tasks specially designed for them. We want to incentivize kids, to induce their actions and creativity, and to break the pandemic routine. We believe they will strengthen themselves physically and mentally by participating in the competition, having fun and spending time together. The winning team will receive a prize from the Foundation the will involve a chill-out room or (to choose from) a holiday trip for themselves and their colleagues.

Under the first task, teams look for alternative uses for a safety helmet. Their ideas will be evaluated by an 8-person jury made up of ERBUD employees who responded to the Foundation's appeal. The jury activities will be led by Lucyna Grzeszczak, the President of the Foundation.

3 very interesting months are ahead of us. Our competition provided to be very popular among the participants who showed a lot of enthusiasm. What can we expect? Is the pandemic not going to thwart our efforts? Time will tell. Keep your fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly as planned. The grand finale is scheduled for 30 June 2021!


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