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Our "Resilient Online Users" Competition is in full swing!

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The teams have completed the third and fourth task. First we invited participants to play virtual foresters. Every 10 minutes of abstinence from Web distractions meant another tree in the virtual forest. Unrivalled in this task were "Young Wolves". Well done Wolves! Congratulations!

During the performance of next task we invited the participants to the mini grant competition of ERBUD Foundation. Teams completed application forms, in which they wrote down their ideas for the project. They competed for a grant totalling PLN 2,000.

The ideas varied a great deal from one another - from canoeing trip combined with litter picking along the route, through integration trip to an amusement park or setting up a summer relaxation zone, to organizing The Children's Day, during which the participants would enhance their environmental awareness.

In this task the jury was most impressed by the King Julian Team that decided to reduce the animal homelessness in its city. The grant will finance sterilization of several cats and dogs from the shelter, which will consequently facilitate their adoption. Children from the team will take care of selected animals before and after the procedure.

This is not the end of the good news. The Foundation's Board was impressed by the involvement and creativity of the teams, and therefore decided to grant funding for the implementation of the next three most admirable projects. Brygada DD, Robkonsiki and Antares joined the group of lucky ones, who also received grants of PLN 2 000. The teams are planning an intergenerational picnic party, development of a magical corner and making ecological bags for the local community.

We will share information on the implementation of the awarded projects. We are very curious about the final outcome. Congratulations to all teams!


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