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MathWORKS – a New Competition for the Erbud Foundation Mentees!!!

MathWORKS – a New Competition for the Erbud Foundation Mentees!!! bg-image

As a follow-up of the 2022 initiative (DREAMS), the Common Challenges Erbud Foundation has organised a MathWORKS Contest for its mentees. The Contest is dedicated to the Erbud Foundation's mentees aged between 11 and 20, and the task is to find practical applications of mathematics in everyday life.
The room for manoeuvre is vast, as mathematics accompanies us in many activities - starting with from organisation of a birthday party or renovation and ending up with the estimation of lending costs or planning purchases. Contest participants have been offered an opportunity to demonstrate their own initiative and ingenuity. They can also count on the assistance of their tutors who support them in their efforts to learn maths on a daily basis under the KORKI project (tutoring classes held in maths, English and Polish).

The outcome of the Contest will be presented in the Power Point software and all the works will be judged by a 8-member jury.
The Contest was launched on 5 March 2023 , and to date the Foundation has received as many as 60 entries from all cooperating establishments. By 15 May 2023 the mentees are supposed to submit the final version of the Contest entries and the final results will be announced on 9 June 2023. The 15 selected winners will be awarded with a holiday trip to Bulgaria.

We keep our fingers crossed for you!!!


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