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Another Round of Our ”Resilient Online Users” Competition

Another Round of Our ”Resilient Online Users” Competition bg-image

In the fifth task of our "Resilient Online Users" competition, teams competed against one another on the dance floor. They had to use their creativity and present a dance choreography. They could be inspired by materials received from the foundation or they could propose a completely original dance to any music. We know that this task released a lot of positive energy in the participants and created an opportunity to have fun together. The choreographic ideas varied a great deal - from arrangements performed in an intimate group of two to those involving entire teams. Some participants danced wearing costumes designed especially for this occasion. Who knows, maybe our competition will be the beginning of someone's dancing career?

The "Wild Bisons" Team turned out to be the best and won this task. With their "Jazzy" and "Hen" dance choreographies they stole the hearts of the jury. Congratulations to all winners!


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