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First meeting of Mentor candidates

First meeting of Mentor candidates bg-image

The first meeting of the Mentor candidates. We get to know each other.

We get to know the Tutor Foundation, which for the next few months will help us to become the best possible Mentors for the future Mentees of the Foundation. We devote the first meeting to learning about mentoring, i.e. the basic goals of mentoring, traditions and methods. We also discuss personality traits and mental predispositions for being a Mentor. Our future Mentors get acquainted with the TOGETHER Program, its assumptions, goals and the way it works.


We sign an agreement with the Wrocław-based College of Tutors Foundation; Tutors will help us to train and prepare our Mentors ...

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We have been receiving applications from more Mentor candidates - we are very happy and proud that our Group employees ...

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