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Dreams for the ERBUD Foundation Charges - The World Will Hear And See You!

Dreams for the ERBUD Foundation Charges - The World Will Hear And See You! bg-image

As part of the support and self-development of its charges, the ”Common Challenges” ERBUD Foundation has organized the ”Dreams” contest, which was launched on 14 February this year and will continue until 7 June 2022.

Under the ”Dreams” Contest each participant is given a task to make a video presentation in English in which he or she will tell about his or her dreams, needs, future plans and how to make them come true. The contest participants can prepare presentations alone or in pairs.

The recording of the presentation is preceded by a 3-month preparation period, during which the young people have a chance to benefit from on-going English classes taught by experienced teachers and from the image coach support, who will show the young people self-presentation techniques, how to interpret the text and will talk about creating a stage image, etc.

The contest is a part of a psychological and educational project divided into a "Tutoring Path" (on-going tutoring sessions and deepening of knowledge in Polish and mathematics) and a "Dreams Path" (development of English language skills and work on personal image). The project is a response to the lack of investment in personal development and education of children and adolescents from children’s homes, which results in emotional deficiencies and reduces self-esteem in personal and professional life.

The ERUBD Foundation aims to level the playing field and support its charges from children’s homes in small towns in many developmental aspects, so that they consequently make better choices in their personal and professional lives.

The prize is a 9-day excursion to London comprising such attractions as city sightseeing and participation in a language camp "with Harry Potter and the rock stars". The ERBUD Foundation is providing the grand prize for the dozen or so young people who score the top ratings from the Jury for their video presentations. In addition to the grand prize, surprise prizes are also planned for all contest participants.

More than 30 charges have already enrolled for the contest - we keep our fingers crossed for you!


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