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Build with wood. The premiere of the second part of the iconic book “Klara builds”.

Build with wood. The premiere of the second part of the iconic book “Klara builds”. bg-image

Following the success of the book “Klara builds”, the ERBUD Group, together with the Erbud Common Challenges Foundation, has released its second part, “Klara builds. The tree house” It is a follow-up to the adventures of the heroine, who learns to overcome adversities and fulfill her dreams. It is also a story about relationships and the ability to work together.

Work in the construction industry is largely associated with an occupation for men. As part of its strategy for the upcoming years, ERBUD aims to break stereotypes in this area by inviting women into its industry. “The construction and related industries will be short of up to a quarter of a million workers in the upcoming years. We, as ERBUD, are already thinking about the challenges involved, and we invite girls to take a career path in construction, even though they will not appear on the job market until 20 years from now”, says Agnieszka Głowacka, Vice-President of the Group.

Agnieszka Głowacka (right), President of the ERBUD Group, together with employees of the modular wooden house factory.

Professional success is associated with qualifications and confidence in one’s potential. Even if a girl and later a young woman has all the competence to work in a technical profession, but is trapped in a stereotype of work reserved for men, she may not take such a career path.

“My dream is a world free of stereotypes that gives every young girl entering adulthood equal educational opportunities. I have repeatedly witnessed what a powerful force in young people can be faith in their own abilities”, says Lucyna Grzeszczak, President of the ERBUD Foundation, whose goal is to help children from orphanages in their start in adult life.

ERBUD is addressing gender constraints by publishing the second book in a series on building for girls. Klara dreams of a tree house. What seems impossible on the surface, with the help of loved ones and strong determination becomes achievable. The girl visits her uncle, who manages a factory of modular wooden structures, making her dream of a tree house come true... in just a few days.

The book is thought-provoking in terms of modular wood construction, which has the potential to revolutionize the future of the industry. The construction industry is responsible for 40% of the world’s CO2 emissions, hence the alternative is to build with wood, which is virtually the only renewable building material. Closed-loop economy, negative carbon footprint and re-adaptability are the main advantages of such technology. In Europe it is an undeniable trend, in Poland it is only taking off, so it is important to raise public awareness of this issue.

“Wood is the closest building material for people. A hundred years ago we rejected it and replaced it with concrete, steel, plastic. Now we see that such technology has a negative impact on the environment, and we want to return precisely to wood, which has fantastic properties: it is flexible and durable. Trees absorb CO2 during their growth”, says Theodor Kaczmarczyk, President of MOD21, a factory that manufactures modular wooden structures. He was the inspiration for the character of uncle Theodor in the book.

Modular wood construction has the potential to revolutionize the construction industry.

The book’s premiere will be followed by the second series of construction workshops for girls, “Młode MajstERki [Young Handywomen]”, organized in cooperation with the Copernicus Science Center. A video of the previous edition of the workshops can be viewed at this link.

It is worth recalling that the Erbud Group and the Copernicus Science Center for the aforementioned series of workshops received two awards in the “Golden Clips” 2022 competition, gold in the “Real Estate, Construction, Home and Interior” category and bronze in the “Sustainability and CSR Communications” category. The workshops were also recognized in the “ESG Innovator 2022” competition in the category of innovation in the social area.

The book “Klara builds. The tree house” can be purchased at at a price of PLN 37. All profits from the sale will be donated to support the Erbud Common Challenges Foundation.


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